role of the moderators

The main role of the moderators is to actually moderate the debate. There are usually two moderators, so they can take turns moderating, while the other can participate in the discussion. 

The moderator can also play a part in making the newsletter, and teams (if the teacher wants). 

The idea of having student moderators is to make this format of learning entirely student-led. 

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Before the debate, the main role of the teacher is to make the newsletter and divide the class into two teams. 


During the debate, if the debate is being assessed the teacher can take down marks either according to the rubric we have given or one of his/her choice. (During the debate teachers do not have to much to do since this is supposed to be students led).

After the debate, the teacher, if he/she wants can announce the best speakers and post a Padlet in the classroon so students can write down their takeaways.

role of the teacher