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events leading to the debate

The teacher (organizer) will need to make teams to post in the classroom - the class can be divided into two (usually for and against a topic) either randomly or based on how well the teacher thinks students will work together, etc. 

We recommend that the newsletter is posted in the classroom one week before the debate so that students have time to prepare for the debate. We also suggest that you arrange both debate teams (the teams should be posted with the newsletter) to separate into breakout rooms in one class for about 20 minutes so that they can make a plan (as to how they will present their arguments etc). 


flow of the debates


To enlarge the rubric, click on it's picture. Our recommendation for the judging criteria includes organization and clarity, use of argument. use of cross-examination and rebuttal and presentation style

Screenshot 2021-04-30 170743.jpg

the debate speakers rubric

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